Technical questions / Service issues : 

You can reach us on the following hotline numbers or service points:

Gemany:  hotline 0049 (0) 30 / 318 779 29

Ihre technischen Fragen können Sie über die deutsche Hotline unserer polnischen Service-Firma stellen:

FIXIT Hotline: +49 (0) 30 / 318 779 29;  
erreichbar von Montag bis Freitag zw. 09-17h.

Einen evtl. Reperaturbedarf (RMA)  können Sie  NUR  online, auf der RMA-Webseite unserer Service Firma FIXIT anmelden:


Service-Partner:  FIXIT Germany GmbH ,  FIXIT c/o ZAK
Rauschwalder Straße 41, D- 02826 Görlitz ,

Romania hotline:
  0040 (0) 267/ 30 62 30

contact any of our service points :

Service Point                       Address                                            Tel.No.:

Tele-Signál Kft.               1143 Budapest, Semsey Andor u. 9.      (1)-267-2109

 Mobil Világ GSM               8000 Székesfehérvár, Távirda utca 14. (20)-523-6944

Karakter Kft                       5000 Szolnok, Szapáry u. 6.                   (56)-411-592

Szikszai Bertalan e.v.      4026 Debrecen, Bethlen u. 49.              (20)-431-1314

Dallos Telecom                 3300 Eger, Rózsa K. u. 12.                      (36)-410-424

Északtel 2000 Kft.             3527 Miskolc, Bajcsy Zs. u. 15.             (46)-506-495

Voice-Com Kft.                  6791 Szeged, BerIini körút 10.               (62)-626-000

Telesound Kft.                  7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos u. 45.         (72)-510-500

Teltech Kft.                        9021 Győr, Benczúr u. 5.                         (96)-511-110


Any other technical, logistic or commercial issues, please contact us:   

E-mail: info[ate]technocom[dot]hu

Telefon or Fax : +36-1-204-1671



FAQ / Good to know:


User guides:
you can download the manuals by clicking on your product, choose the file you need in  the download section at the bottom,

Display  languages:

The distributed DECT phones have different European LCD & menu languages which you can check in the phones’ settings.
Usually the default languages by starting the phone is English or German, however you can select your language usually accordingly.

By corded phones, the  display menu is usually icon driven or only few  words appear, like Time / Date / Days, these however  in English only.

Should you have questions on the LCD languages of the phones, please contact our company :   E-mail: info[kukac]technocom[pont]hu
Telefon or Fax : +36-1-204-1671

Using Combo- or Multiple Handset Dect Phones:  
like e.g. Motorola T402/412 or Blaupunkt Option TAM Duo/Trio Sets:

Small offices, families love to use combo or multi-handset phones as these include more handsets:

Main unit which contains the Base unit + a handset
Additional Handsets with charger

Advantage of the Base Unit is that your can always find its base on the  same spot, a safe, well-known place for all.
The portable handset you can take along with you in your home / house / office and you can start / received  calls at any place there.

Al this is enabled via only one telephone line, thus saving cost, as on one line you can share upto 4 or 5 handsets.

Also you can call from one handset to another (internal call) which is of course free of charge  or you can just transfer a received call to any other handset (call transfer).


If you did not find an appropriate answer to your questions on our web-site, just send us a message here  and we are more than glad to provide the answer.