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Bea-fon Mobile GmbH is a company belonging to the Aspöck Group and is headquartered in Peuerbach (Austria); it employs more than 1,500 people. Bea-fon mobile specialises in marketing easy-to-use telecommunications products.




Bea-fon Mobile has set out to adapt and perfect their “easy-to-use” mobile telephone in light of the growing needs of uses with the Silver Line product range. In addition to a modern, contemporary design, the security aspect with specially-tailored telephone functions is the main focus here.

With its two Classic Line product ranges, Bea-fon Mobile targets all generations that prefer high-quality functions in a clear design. Thanks to the strength of the parent company Aspöck and the synergies that Bea-fon Mobile obtains from research and development, business and customers can rely on a forward-looking company. Bea-fone Mobile stands for the highest level of quality thanks to its in-house product development with attached quality control in Austria.

Everything you could wish for!

To make it simple: Bea-fon concentrates on the basics. Mobile phones with all the features that count. Easy to understand. Easy to use. Simply brilliant. Developed with the target groups that will use our mobile phones. This produces a user-oriented product with the best-possible comfort, a clearly arranged user interface and an elegant, attractive design.

So beautifully simple!

Everything Bea-fon does is consistent with the wishes of our customers. Our products meet the highest standards of comfort and elegance. Of modernity and security. Of overview and user friendliness. Combined with convincing simplicity. In short: the latest technology, which helps the user.

Silver Line – Security in design!

SOS emergency calls at the touch of a button! Just as important for children, youth and (extreme) sports athletes as it is for senior citizens and it might even save a life in an emergency.

By pressing the integrated emergency button, up to 5 previously-configured telephone numbers are dialled in speaker mode. Moreover, the mobile phone automatically sends an emergency SMS, therefore ensuring greater safety.


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